Published on November 18 2012

Among the huge virtual instruments world market, there are the bigs (e.g. VSL, East West, Spectrasonics, etc...) and there are the smalls ...

One of those companies is called Embertone. They appeared recently in the market and started to offer some freebies; such as "Intimate Strings LITE", which is a part of a bigger library coming soon:

However, they were selling some individual instruments too, such as the Jubal Flute. Very warm instrument, fully playable, with true legato articulation for just 15 bucks!

Then an Ocarina, a solo trumpet (pretty good for the price too), and some more that I invite you to discover.

Less than a week ago, they released an awesome irish wistle, coming straight out from the shire! Again, for $20 it's a no brainer:

✓ Bad-ass Irish Whistle

✓ Custom-scripted vibrato

✓ TRUE normal legato/gliss legato

✓ Variable speed performance script

✓ 16X RR Staccato

✓ 44.1k/24-bit samples

✓ FullKontakt4.2.4+required


Last, but not least, they are also making a solo violin:

We had our final recording session last week, editing and extreme caffeinating is underway ...
The only thing I can say at this point is that it sounds amazing and we're so excited to show it off when ready.

If you want to see and listen more, please pass by their website, and buy some instruments, they're really cheap and sound very good!

The first time I went there, I bought 3, got 2 freebies, for a total of $43 (!)

Ok, now, I'm gonna play a bit with their new "Shire Whistle" .... it will remind me my last vacation in New Zealand while visiting the "real" shire, at "Hobbiton" :-)

Bilbo's House - Hobbiton - Matamata, New Zealand (2011)

Bilbo's House - Hobbiton - Matamata, New Zealand (2011)

Written by Arnaud Galand

Published on #virtual instruments

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas on this one. Please keep posting about such articles as they really spread useful information.Thanks for this particular sharing. I hope it stays updated, take care.

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OBAT SIPILIS AMPUH 05/08/2014 22:23

Very useful update. Thank you.

Arnaud Galand 03/10/2014 19:16

Hi Rob,
Usually it's better to contact Embertone support for these kinda questions, but I can reply.
Well, on the instrument page, you can read:
"Full Kontakt 4.2.4+ required"
Thus, the reason is because it's probably uses some features that don't exist on Kontakt 3 and earlier versions. If you want more detail, I suggest you contact Embertone support, as I don't work with them :)

Robert Weber 03/10/2014 02:18

Hey, do you know of any reason the Shire Whistle wouldn't work with an earlier version of Kontakt, like 3?

Thanks, Rob