Hello World!

Published on November 13 2012

Hello World!

Hi there! And welcome to my blog!

I decided to create one for sharing ideas, things that I found cool and good to share with you guys, news, mostly in music, sound design, virtual instruments, technology in general, photo, video games and movies.

For those who are wondering what "Will Not Fix" means, well, it's actually a very common term used in the game insdustry, and totally related to bugs. A bug can be NAB (Not A Bug), WNF (Will Not Fix), TFU (To Fix in Update), etc....

So Will Not Fix means that the bug won't be fixed by the game's team, mostly because of a very short deadline, or a bug too hard to fix, stuff like that.

Anyway, I wish you a very pleasant stay in this virtual world, and I hope you'll like the content!


Written by Arnaud Galand

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Yan 11/15/2012 16:26

Added to my RSS reader

Rico 11/14/2012 15:04

Bonne idée Arnaud. Compte sur moi pour te lire.