The crazy guy is back!

Published on November 19 2012

Yes ... Diego Stocco ... you know, the guy who burned his piano in his garden while making Omnisphere with Spectrasonics team:

The crazy guy is back!

Well, after Omnisphere he worked on creating what I'll call "mutant" accoustic instruments with strange names such as the "Experiviolin", the "Glockenstrange", the "Luminopiano" and the "Experibass", which gathers kinda hole strings section on a single contrebass:

This time he took all his mutant and very strange instruments to build an orchestra and played all of them, (as Mike Oldfield would do :-)) and made a video montage .... it's totally awesome! Check this out:

This guys is insane, and I love that! :-)

Written by Arnaud Galand

Published on #sound design, #Music

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